A Love Letter for our Little Hearts

Date: July 30, 2015

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We aren’t parenting our kids alone. We’ve always been guided and essentially parented by a loving energy that transcends limited notions of love and exists within and between all of us.

This, One love as I like to call it is a loving awareness that humanity shares. It embraces the growth of all of Life. It’s sacred because we cannot define it. Some of us call it Love, some God, others Consciousness… So many ways that we’ve come to articulate this shared experience that seems to rest in loving awareness.

Through each of our journeys we are awakened to it’s embrace. Not surprisingly, it is reflected in the feminine and masculine energies in all of life.

We can step into the blessing of this life and the gift of our children, to teach us about our sacred essence and so too awaken them to the sacred love they can find beyond parental love within the loving awareness that embraces each of us.

Inspired by my own awakening to this sacred Truth it naturally occurred to me that I can help awaken my little ones to this Soul kind-of-love. So, I wrote this Love letter that I will read to them, when the time is right:


Dear precious little hearts of mine,


There is something I want to teach you.

Something that transcends everything I have ever tried to teach you about life.

I want you to know a secret.

This is one of those secrets that shouldn’t be kept secret. The good kind.

This is a secret that I sensed as a child but of course I could not fully understand for a long time.

It actually was not meant to be a secret.

The messages were all around me.

From the sermons at Sunday church to the ‘lectures’ about why I needed to go. In the peaceful moments I had looking up at the sky as a kid. To the silent loving presence I felt in my bedroom when I cried. In the cool caress of the wind, the sanctuary I could return to in my heart, in the woods, the soothing rain that cried the universal sadness of lost hearts, the laughs, human touch, twinkling eyes, my smile, your smile, my curious truth-seeking mind, the light of the sun, the kindness from a stranger, my kindness to a stranger, walking amongst the trees, the strength of the ocean, the stillness under the surface, in your loving eyes, in your delightful cries, in your moments of sadness….it was in all of life.

I see it all now.

And it was from all of life that I learned this lesson.

Life includes my parents, you see.

They’re precious hearts were trying to learn this lesson too as they were raising us.

It was not a lesson I could understand fully as a child.

I feel compelled to tell you what it is though.

To plant the seed in your young open-hearted awareness.

The secret is: You are never alone. You never will be. In our times of weakness I want you to know that apart from me and your father you also have a heavenly mother and father. This heavenly mother and father can provide you with love in times when we do not know how.

You will see the times that we fell short of loving you as you were meant to be loved. Of embracing your brilliance. You will understand one day that it wasn’t your brilliance we could not embrace but our own. And that along this shared life journey, we are blessed to have you as our children because it is truly your beautiful brilliance that awakens us to infinite love.

You will come to understand over the years that we are being taught by this sacred life just as you are, about the brilliance within our souls and how to shine.

You’re heavenly mother will embrace you with an infinite Love. A love that expands the galaxies and never runs out. You can call her Mother Mary, Mother Earth, the Devine Feminine…those are the names that I have come to know and trust. You may find her in other sacred places or beings. You will eventually find and recognize her in yourself.

Your heavenly father is All Powerful and his power is also as expansive as the countless galaxies in the night sky. He is pure strength, protects us from danger and exists in sacred Truth. You will also come to know him in yourself.

Both heavenly mother and father share something in common. They each exist in the Truth of Love. This Love is nourished in Heavenly mother’s grace, tenderness, truth, and sanctuary. The Love of heavenly father is nourished by his strength, powerful presence and protection from danger.

May you see this sacred love in all of life, in your mother, in your father, in your brother, in your sister, in the neighbour, and always, always in you. There is only one kind of love. And it exists within each of us. It’s up to each of us to awaken to it. Thank you for continually teaching me what Love is and where I can find it.

Always One,





Parenthood is a powerful catalyst in which we have the opportunity to recognize unconditional love in our children, in ourselves.  When we begin to connect to it within ourselves we free our children to expand and flourish in their natural essence. Ultimately, freeing our children from the suffering that we project on them with our unresolved issues, to live in their Truth and shine in their brilliant essence. If you haven’t read, The Conscious Parent yet by Dr. Shefal Tsabary go and get yourself a copy because she articulates this exceptionally well.

May your parenting journey be blessed with the loving awareness that guides your soul and the soulful gazes of your little hearts reflecting the vastness of your heart.



~ Marijana Cabrita is a psychotherapist, mentor, workshop facilitator and lover of this sacred life. Marijana’s passion is in bridging the science of psychology with the power of spirituality. She is committed to helping women awaken to their true sacred essence and embody love. www.marijanacabrita.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/marijana.cabrita



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