This 7 Week Virtual Program for women only

combines both (1-1) one on one coaching as well as group coaching and facilitation. We gather women in sacred, safe and celebratory circles using photography, coaching, storytelling and world class facilitation to bring you a truly remarkable, breakthrough experience. Relationships are what motivate women and women need relationships with each other to truly thrive. However, many women haven’t experienced the kind of relationships with another woman where they feel 100% seen, safe, heard and celebrated. There are some stressful issues we deal with as women — jealousy, competition, comparison, cattiness in addition to the issues we face on our own in our everyday life. WE teaches women how to go beyond the veil, a step further in creating powerful, supportive, accountable and celebratory relationships with other women.

You will receive five (5) full body photos of yourself and can choose whether your photo and the experience is just for you -or- if upon completion you’d like to submit as part of the public media campaign.


(spots limited to 12 per session)