MicheMichelle Fetschlle Fetsch struggled for 17 years with eating disorders, body image and self-esteem issues that all stemmed from the belief that she wasn’t ‘enough’. In 2010 Michelle Fetsch founded Women Enough, a global network of women supporting other women in igniting personal and professional greatness. Michelle is the visionary behind the BARE Campaign that is empowering women of all shapes and sizes to expose their bodies and life stories with the world.

Michelle is a life-long lover of fashion — who once dreamed of having her own fashion line grace the catwalks of Fashion Weeks in New York, London and Milan, until she realized how much advertising and media encouraged and celebrated only one kind of woman’s body: one that wasn’t healthy. Her vision shifted and for the last four years, Michelle’s dream has been two fold: to change the way media portrays women and supporting women in achieving a healthy body image and positive self esteem. She created Women Enough as a space — both physical and perceptual — where women could claim all parts of themselves… unapologetically and un-retouched.

Michelle has been coaching, mentoring, and advocating for women for nearly 15 years and is committed to supporting all women in being seen, heard and free.

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Natalie Spiro came to the USA in 2000 from South Africa with a Masters Degree in Industrial Psychology and an MBA in Corporate Strategy and Marketing. Though she held top jobs at major corporations, Natalie’s African sensibilities ultimately connected her back to her passion for community and collaboration. She became an owner/partner in the worldwide Drum Cafe organization and has personally facilitated interactive drumming programs for more than 30,000 people.

She is also a certified transformational and integrative life-coach, has delivered a TEDxFiDiWomen talk on the power of “Ubuntu” and is developing workshops that tie her interactive keynote programs into one-to-one learning opportunities. With Women Enough, she is facilitating Shame & Shadow Work as well as team building processes for the organization and it’s retreat members.



Deborah PardDeborahPardeses is a professional writer and producer working with Women Enough to develop world class retreats that facilitate the power of storytelling to address women’s darkness and help them step into their greatness.

Deborah is the founder of Artists for Literacy an organization that leverages art and music to raise money and awareness for social issues (specifically illiteracy), working with artists such as Bruce Springsteen, David Bowie, Tom Waits and Rosanne Cash. She’s also a music composer and producer, with 8 CDs to her name. Deborah is the co-author of Climbing Out From Under: A Handbook For Heartbreak (with Dr. Caron Post) due out in Spring 2015 and the screenwriter of Glisten Up! currently in development with Tin and W Productions.




Melissa D. Jones is a designer for Women Enough. MelissaDJonesMelissa believes we (especially women) should be holding each other up instead of putting each other down in business and in life.

Melissa has worked in house for medium to large organizations and is now working for herself and collaborating with others as a designer and marketer. She is a meticulous, organized, honest and personable marketer with more than 13 years experience driving business results through outstanding creative solutions and project coordination skills. She’s a creative entrepreneur helping women level up their personal and business branding. Always looking for ways to make the world a better place, and looking to support companies that strive for the same thing. She lives for travel, adventure and new experiences. She’s photographed her way around 33 countries (and counting!).





Tiffany Chenoweth has been a part of Women Enough ever since she attended WE’s “Sexy Self-Love Soirée” in 2011. The mission of Women Enough called to her, especially since she previously worked with Girls Inc. to empower young ladies. Tiffany worked closely with WE founder Michelle Fetsch during the developing stages of Women Enough, so it wasn’t surprising that she was one of the first to model for the BARE Campaign in 2011. She also worked on the BARE Campaign photo shoot in 2012.  Aside from her work in women’s empowerment, she also is a nutrition education specialist, training the next generation of youth to become mentors for health. But of all the young people she works with, the most important to Tiffany is her teenage daughter.




Diane Hopkins iDiane Hopkinss Content Manager for Women Enough. She heads the ‘Conversations’ blog where inspiring women share their personal stories of transformation. A self-discovered writer and former professor of urban politics, she now uses her brain to understand limiting patterns of mind and behavior that stop women from living the life of their destiny. She believes that in our stories lie the keys to powerful personal transformation and her mission is to support women to shine their inner light, speak their truth and become their potential…one story at a time.





Liz Zirk acts as Project Manager for WE and has an intractable commitment to empowering women. She hopes that with the support of Women Enough, all women can see their innate and divine beauty and brilliance. She’s chosen to share her skill in project management and organizing teams and talent with organizations such as TEDxFiDiWomen, as well as in the role of Director of Services and Programs and as a Global Board Member with Young Women Social Entrepreneurs. As a coach, she currently guides and celebrates young change makers to take authentic adventures and risks, so that they can live an expanded version of their life.




Connie NguyenConnie Nguyen is a copywriter that has adored words since she learned how to rhyme at age three. She is currently a Freelance Copywriter in San Francisco Bay Area. Before that, Connie had 5+ years working for WPP & Dentsu Group in Vietnam. In addition to making ads, Connie plays piano, dances, and enjoys biking. She studied Communications at RMIT in Melbourne, Australia, which she finds horribly inconvenient to shout at parties.




Bonnie Rose, MSBonnieRose, WE group facilitator and founder of The Hiders Project.

After more than twenty five years’ corporate experience facilitating groups Bonnie is moved and honored to have been witness to the experiences of thousands of women and men in gender issues and diversity workshops and more. When not doing corporate work, Bonnie is devoted to The Hiders Project which aims to make the world aware of our best-kept secret — that we hide ourselves from each other — and provide great and effective ways to live beyond Hiding. But even before any of that work started, three years after Bonnie was told she’d never be able give birth, she had “miracle baby” Zoey who, to this day, is Bonnie’s greatest source of pride and joy.