Women Enough is committed to the reality that every woman be seen, heard and free.

Our Conversations Blog provides a platform where women can share their most authentic and real experiences in a way that inspires other women to release shame, overcome challenges and transform their own lives.


Option 1: SHARE YOUR STORY – Interview Style


Life is a powerful teacher. We want to hear your unique story in 3 questions.

  • Who are you?
  • What would like us to know about you and your life as it is now.
  • What would you say has the been the main turning point of your life so far?
  • What life circumstances lead up to it? What had you been experiencing prior to that?
  • What special women’s wisdom do you have to share?
  • How has your life changed from that turning point onward? How did you think, feel, act differently?

Option 2: WRITE IT YOUR WAY – Open Blog


Are you a writer or woman who loves to write? We welcome articles on issues important to women across the topics of - Body Image, Gender Identity, Relationships, Sex, Health and Well-being & Work and Life Purpose. Please send an email to to pitch an idea for an article.

We only accept original articles that are not published in their entirety on other online media platforms.  If you plan to use material you have published elsewhere please give it a new title and intro. In exchange for your article we can provide backlinks to your website and social media platforms.


  1. TITLE - Include a compelling and catchy title.


  1. LENGTH - Your article should be approx. 700-800 words.


  1. TONE - Be open, authentic and vulnerable when you share your story. Women Enough Conversations is not about advertorials. We want women who bare their truth.


  1. FORMAT - Send your story written without special formatting - single paragraph spacing, no indents and with only one space (not two) between sentences.


  1. EDITING AND AMENDMENTS - If we think your article may need some modifying, we will respond to you with suggestions before it gets published.


  1. SUBMISSION - Send a Word document by email to:
  1. IMAGE

For Share Your Story: Send a picture of yourself to accompany your story in JPG format (min. 600 x 600 pixels) of yourself.

For Blog Conversations: Send a picture of yourself to accompany your author bio AND a cover image (min. 600 x 600 pixels) that relates to the core message of your article.

  1. BIOGRAPHY - Include with your story a short biography (2-3 sentences) about yourself. Include live links to your website and social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, so people can find you.
  2. THEME ‘TAG’ WORDS - Provide us with at least 3 ‘TAG’ words at the end of your article (for SEO, to improve how Google ranks your article) that relate to the key points or themes in your article. E.g. divorce, depression, childbirth.




  1. SHARE YOUR ARTICLE - Let your friends and contacts know. Share the article on your Facebook page(s) and website(s) and with any Facebook groups or other networks you belong to in order to maximize it’s coverage.
  2. RESPOND TO READER’S COMMENTS - You can maximize reader engagement by responding to comments that readers make under the Blog Article on the website and on Facebook.
  3. INVITE OTHER WOMEN TO SHARE THEIR STORY - Invite other women you admire to share their story via Women Enough. When we share together we inspire change for all women.

Thank you for choosing to share your story with our community of inspiring women. We value your contribution and commitment.