How To Ditch Diets For Good: It’s Not What You Think

Date: February 6, 2015

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Ellie Savoy

Losing weight for the last time in 2011 has been deeply liberating, empowering and totally freeing. No more conversations about being good all week, bad on the weekends, off the wagon, on a diet, feeling deprived, counting calories, pretending, making excuses or scrambling to lose weight for a special event.

I was never a chubby kid, an overweight adolescent or young woman, yet I never loved the body I was in. A bit of fat on my hips or stomach gave me reason to deprive myself of something I liked, usually chocolate! This negative body image stuck with me for years.

The dieting roller-coaster kept me trapped for over 25 years even for wanting to lose as little as 5 lbs. I never totally loved what I saw in the mirror. In addition, stress played a big role in my life as early as 20. I was an over-achiever always striving for the next thing. I had no idea that my body needed to be respected and appreciated. I thought it was a machine that would keep going forever. I would only stop when I was forced to because of exhaustion.

This happened many times. My eating habits, stressful lifestyle and lack of respect for my own body led me to being 30 lbs. overweight at my heaviest. You know how we often need some kind of trigger for change? Well, it took me three!

Trigger #1 - On June 8th, 2008 my mother died after being in ill-health for eight years. I heard many times throughout my life that you can’t take your things with you when you die and this really hit me between the eyes when my mother died. Nothing was going with her. What had I been thinking?

I charge up my mobile phone when the energy is low and I don’t put diesel in my unleaded gas car. Why was I paying attention to that and not to myself? Why was I striving for more and more at the expense of my most valuable asset – my body and health? This was the beginning of a deeper inner journey and asking myself a lot of questions about my choices in life.

Trigger #2 - 21 months later on March 14th, 2010 my father passed away. It was so sudden and it knocked me sideways. I could hardly believe the news. This time my siblings and I had to take care of the funeral arrangements, all their belongings, sell our family home, paperwork and all the legalities. I felt like I was having an out of body experience. It just didn’t seem real that both my parents were gone in less than 2 years of each other.

The grief felt like navigating my way through thick fog and I felt deeper confusion around my own journey. My own mortality became a very real thing and it brought into focus how much life is a very precious gift.

Trigger #3 - The final trigger came in 2011. I was diagnosed with two uterine fibroids. I was given four options by my Gynecologist. Three of them involved surgery one of which was a hysterectomy. The other was to do nothing. I was freaked out by this news. How could this have happened within one year? I had no desire to have surgery. My life wasn’t being threatened but I knew I had to do something and I wanted to do something. I didn’t realize at the time that this would be the catalyst for changing my life for the better for good!

My focus shifted to becoming healthy, not being obsessed about my weight and being consumed with a bit of fat here or a blemish there. Over-extending myself and pushing my body beyond its limits stopped. I learned to say “no”! I started a hormone rejuvenation homeopathic program for three cycles that required a change in my diet and lifestyle along with using natural creams and drops.

I was totally committed. I did everything that I could to heal myself because I was afraid of what the alternative would be and I intuitively knew this was a gift. I had pushed the envelope far too many times and it was not sustainable for the long haul. The good news is the fibroids got smaller!

Looking back and reflecting upon the decisions I made over many years, it is so clear to me now that if I had kept things simple and made myself a priority instead of focusing on having more, I wouldn’t have been a yo-yo dieter, I would have been less stressed, slept better and felt more connected to my life’s journey and purpose. I don’t judge this. It has provided great personal growth. This journey has led me to helping other women ditch diets for good, find peace with food, focus on health and make themselves a priority.

I strongly believe the key to a healthy and happy life in this world lies in the decision of every woman to simplify her life and focus on making herself a priority instead of putting herself last. Our health can’t wait for us to be ready. Without our health what do we really have?

Ellie Savoy is President and founder of Diet Free and Healthy, Inc. She is a common-sense Board Certified Holistic Health coach who supports, coaches and teaches stressed out, over-weight and time starved women to break free from the drama of diets, lose weight naturally, look great and feel fantastic. Connect with her:

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