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You are amazing. Just the way you are.


Unfortunately, big media and advertising have been selling us the idea that we aren’t enough. Girls grow up consuming beauty magazines with photoshopped images and ‘reality’ television that promote unrealistic and narrow ideals of women and then those very girls develop unhealthy expectations and self esteem based on those ideals.

Women Enough is committed to the reality that all women be seen, heard and free.

Through our efforts we aim to celebrate women exactly as we are; regardless of the shape or size of our bodies or the color or flawlessness of our skin.

To date, women from the ages of 23 - 77 years have participated in the Bare Campaign; these women decided that it was time to accept, acknowledge, and claim all parts of themselves. By putting themselves in the experience- they BARE themselves to celebrate, claim and convey all of who they are. These women have paved the way for others to courageously own all parts of themselves. Women of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities and ages are ready to break free from the narrow stereotypes that exist in the world about women. Are you one of them?

We launched the #barecampaign by Women Enough in May, 2014 and since has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Shape, Elite Daily, Huffington Post, The Emily Project and many other global media publications for women. The campaign has reached an audience of over 1M and the number of comments, emails and support we received is astounding. Going Bare is a worthwhile experience; furthermore being the face of a public media campaign is incredibly empowering. Women have found their true calling and stepped into a further level of authenticity, vulnerability and courage. You can too.

What it Means to ‘Go Bare’

Through this process, women in our generation and in the next generation are empowered to own their worth, far beyond their beauty. Our campaign represents a broad spectrum of women — from PH.D’s and Wall Street Executives to Cosmetologists, Stay at home moms, Attorney’s, High School or College Drop outs, Single, Divorced, Married, Gay, Straight, Spiritual and Agnostic. However you or however society defines you — we invite you to take part and take a stand.


Get Involved

Official * 7 Week Bare PhotoShoot & Experience

This 7 Week Virtual Program for women only — combines both (1-1) one on one coaching as well as group coaching and facilitation. We gather women in sacred, safe and celebratory circles using photography, coaching, storytelling and world class facilitation to bring you a truly remarkable, breakthrough experience. Relationships are what motivate women and women need relationships with each other to truly thrive. However, many women haven’t experienced the kind of relationships with another woman where they feel 100% seen, safe, heard and celebrated. There are some stressful issues we deal with as women — jealousy, competition, comparison, cattiness in addition to the issues we face on our own in our everyday life. WE teaches women how to go beyond the veil, a step further in creating powerful, supportive, accountable and celebratory relationships with other women.

If you want to know the breadth of what’s possible for you- your body, your life, your relationships — This Experience IS for YOU.

You will receive five (5) full body photos of yourself and can choose whether your photo and the experience is just for you -or- if upon completion you’d like to submit as part of the public media campaign. The experience is about creating transformation for you in the area(s) that truly matter to you.

(spots limited to 12 per session)



Official #BareCampaign Photo Party

If you sign up for a photo ‘party’- you WILL not have choice in the final photo used. We will choose the photo that most powerfully communicates your unique essence. You may join a photo shoot and the session will be 15 minutes per person, max. Your photo may or may not be used as part of the Official Campaign. The photography focused event does not include the fully curated experience- it is an opportunity for those ready to be part of the campaign to do so. WE create a safe, private Women Only community who will be cheering alongside, celebrating and supporting you. Think of #NoHate goes Dove. You are acting out of service to a cause and commitment greater than yourself. A commitment that outweighs the fear of being seen.

*This session will follow all guidelines stated below.



Bare Photo Session, DIY

If you aren’t near an official #barecampaign photo party or the 2 day experience WE invites you to learn about our guidelines and find a photographer that can come to you. WE so honor your involvement and your willingness to be part of this regardless of the outcome of image- and for the sake of maintaining the integrity of the campaign - we ask you to honor each and every one of the guidelines. It is your choice whether you expose your breasts or nipples- however, we ask that you cover your vagina.

*Please follow all photography guidelines below!



Bare Photo Session + Conversation, DIY

Hosting a conversation is a great way to develop deeper trust within your existing relationships. The conversations we ignite through the process allow you to learn new things about yourself and each other. Combine this with an in-house photographer and you can create your own BARE Conversation.

Again, you are empowered to choose whether you create this experience for yourself or if you want to share the photos with the official #barecampaign by Women Enough.

*Please follow all photography guidelines below!




Here are what some of the women say about going bare

“I felt more safe in this group of women than I ever had before, and I’ve been in some wonderful groups of women.”  — Bonnie Rose, Organizational Development

“As I went BARE, I released the shame and shadows that I didn’t even know I had. Going bare is a very unique opportunity to uncover and reclaim those places of shame you don’t even know you have.”  — Mai Vu

“It was one of the most confronting and freeing things I’ve ever done- it changed my life and my perception of myself indefinitely.” — Nancy Chang

“I look at the campaign photos now and know my womb was full of fibroids, which are indicative of a blow to the feminine ego. Considering the daddy hurt, molestation, abortion, et al, I’d say there have been quite a few blows to my emotional center. Perhaps so much so it’s manifested in the fibroids. Nonetheless going BARE was the beginning of embracing the identity that I’ve been trying to come face to face with for years - the me which was interrupted so long ago.” — Kenya Williams

“The BARE experience was certainly a turning point in my “new identity” after cancer.  I had always felt like my body was strong and responsive to me, naturally.  I was proud of my body — muscular and strong. Than, cancer came into my life and I felt so out of control with my body.

Going BARE was more than revealing my current physical body, it was about revealing me without clothes to hide behind.  Clothes that would hide the physical and emotional scars, loss of muscle tone, and my fear of the unknown of my life.  It wasn’t “if” anymore, it was when…life was changing and I didn’t have my strong body to lean into anymore.  The BARE experience showed me that I could be vulnerable and strong.  I could allow the world to really see me and still be fully me.  Revealing all of me, didn’t take away any of me.  Allowing myself to be seen without a cover showed me that I am strong no matter what.  I highly recommend the BARE experience to any and ALL women — you don’t really know who you are until you allow yourself to go BARE. ” — Sharianne Tom




If you are ready to take on this act of bravery;
here are the guidelines.

Every model must sign a release giving up all and any rights and giving Women Enough full rights to use in campaign and with the possibility that the photo may not be used long term in the campaign. Please be sure to read the release in its entirety before signing and submitting.

Download the release HERE.

The photographer (if you are submitting a photo from your own home, state, photographer) must agree to sign a release giving up all rights to use, reproduction and sale of photos. We will not post, share or accept a photo without the release. Please be sure to read the release in its entirety before signing and submitting.

Download the release HERE.

The photo must taken against a white backdrop — should be flat, not shear.

Photographer should be level with the model — not considerably higher or lower than the model.

Models must not be wearing any other jewelry, with the exception of earrings

Models must not be wearing false eyelashes, makeup should be natural — not overly worn or used.

Models should avoid sticking chest out, curling toes, arching back, or pointing shoulders forward. Keep back straight and sit up or stand straight.

Models should sit on the floor or chair or be standing straight and not propped up against anything. If model uses a chair — the photographer must take the photo ‘direct to camera’ and on the same level as model.

We are looking for a natural, authentic representation of you. It is fine to smile or not smile — the point is to BE. Just BE.

Send raw photo file — high resolution, JPG, raw or TIFF. Our in house photographer will do any necessary and light Photoshop® work.

Models must answer and submit the following questions along with your high resolution photograph for representation on our website: 




Expectations and Intentions

So you’re going bare — NOW WHAT?!  WE acknowledge you for being bold, brave and committed to taking this on! Here’s a bit about the process and what you can expect along your journey to freedom.

Going bare is a very powerful and cathartic practice and it is normal to have some anxiety leading up to, during and after the photo shoot experience. By going bare, you are confronting yourself head on. The core conversations that have created your identity will resurface through this process. Going bare goes beyond freeing our physical selves and into freeing our emotional and spiritual selves so we may recover, discover and claim all parts of who we are.

We’ve been programmed to believe that we should look and present ourselves in a certain way- so when we see ourselves in our natural state, when we really take the time to look at ourselves; we can be confronted by our humanity and our shadow side (the parts of us that we’ve been taught and trained to hide.) It is only when we go bare that we can accept the hidden and shamed parts of ourselves and access the total freedom to be all of who we are.

When you prepare to receive your photo — it’s best to reach out for support in working through the conversations that might, yet again, resurface. It IS a big deal and it’s normal and ok to have some nerves around it. You may or may not expect that you will look a certain way in the photos. This, too, is part of the process and it’s those exact conversations that this process is meant to transform. We encourage you to say YES to all of you.

Have compassion. Have patience. Just Breathe.