Cosmic Relationship Revelations and Revolutions

Date: May 21, 2015

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~by Marijana Cabrita

Contemplating a revolution of love and ‘the sacred’ may be hefty but my commitment to my own awakening is fierce. So, in my small corner of life part of this journey is in the pragmatics of expressing my thirst, my knowing and my gifts online. So, I have been steadily creating a new website to share this spiritual evolution and integration.
And so, as I sit and contemplate the bigness of love and spirituality and how the two meld together in relationships with loved ones, with the earth, with all of life, in fact…I was again reminded, that relationship is way more then I had ever defined it as before.
Relationship is more then just about the thoughts and feelings about you and I. Relationship is more then about your personality, how you identify yourself, how you were raised or even your DNA. Relationship is way more then what I learned as a psychology grad student. And I learned a lot there.
My graduate degree, in fact was in marriage and family therapy. This is where I learned all about the psychology of systems in families, which establish the relationship dynamics between family members. Ultimately, I learned how family systems are complex and chalk full of behavior patterns and emotional structures that can either enhance or prevent intimacy and how to heal old wounds in order to break through the status quo and create movement toward intimacy and growth.
I believe relationship is man’s (and woman’s) most difficult yet most liberating and soul affirming experiences. During every single moment of the day we are always in relationship to something or someone. And if we can raise conscious awareness of how relationships have shaped us and how we end up projecting our ‘stuff’ onto others, we can see that we are always in relationship with ourselves.
Yet, when you take a look around you how many people do you know have a pretty decent relationship with themselves? The kind of relationship where self-care comes easy and self worth is honored? They feed themselves fresh food, energize themselves with daily exercise, and connect to their unique creativity/play/spirituality?
When you really take a look around you the reality probably is that each individual you know has his/her own capacity to be loving towards him or herself and others. Your relationship with yourself directly correlates with your relationship with others.
It is our sacred responsibility to consciously look at how we are dimming our light and how we are inviting light and love in. This is, what I call the path of spiritual awakening. Each one of us is on a journey toward freedom from the barriers we place on ourselves. By healing the traumas that have wounded us we are one step closer to this freedom.

Your consciousness fragments itself as soon as you are born and enters the world of duality. This fragmentation is an opportunity for you to open your heart and mind to a profound love that can be accessed via the truest, deepest part of yourself—your sacred essence.
Your sacred essence is made up of everything that you were when came into this world. Whole, curious, connected, true, One, present, life-affirming—I could go on and on. Your sacred essence is luminous. You are meant to bring your own unique luminosity into the world.
With all of the complexities of our mind and human relationships you are being awakened daily to flickers of your essence, your Truth, your expansive nature. It is the universes’ nature to be oriented towards life and growth. It is in your nature to grow. You are the universe. The universe is you. It is in your nature to come alive when you are most connected to your true essence.
And so, I will never look at relationship the same again. I have studied. I have been a student of life and will continue to open my heart and mind to the infinite wisdom of the universe inside of me. I am committed to raising conscious awareness of the sacredness of relationship in all its forms. Helping us merge the sacred with the complexities of human psychology.

~ Marijana Cabrita is a psychotherapist, mentor, workshop facilitator and lover of this sacred life. Marijana’s passion is in bridging the science of psychology with the power of spirituality. She is committed to helping women awaken to their true sacred essence and embody love.


  • Lauren Peters says:

    Marijana, amazing piece. I am RIGHT there with you on this. I hope to be able to work side by with you on this journey :) Please, write more…I LOVE this!

    • Marijana Cabrita says:

      Thank you for the enthusiastic feedback, Lauren! It was a joy to get that dose of support and respect. I look forward to seeing your journey unfold and work together as well! Many blessings.

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