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Date: February 2, 2015

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Bri Seeley

For the past 10 years, I have limited my place in the world with a very narrow definition of myself. Being a fashion designer was the pulse of my life. It encompassed my every waking thought, breath, and movement. It was my passion and life purpose to bring joy to the lives of women through their wardrobes.

And then at some point, things shifted. I began to wake up every morning dreading the day before me. My energy output was still focused on being a Fashion Designer, but what was once my passion now became work. On the good days I felt like I was running on a hamster wheel and getting nowhere. And on the bad days, I felt like I was banging my head against a brick wall incessantly.

I began praying for a shift, praying for change, praying for an opening in life by attending conferences, participating in teleseminars, meditating, and listening to podcasts for answers to break past my perceived barriers. And more importantly than any of these things, I started reaching out to my girlfriends for support. It was a Tuesday afternoon that I met a girlfriend for dessert and began sharing my frustrations. She responded very simply, “You place so many rules on yourself and live in these self-imposed boxes. What would happen if you started breaking your rules? How would life look and feel?”

I sat back speechless. No answers came to me as I repeated the questions in my head. What would it look like? Over the next several days I started to break my rules little by little. Anytime I told myself I couldn’t do something because of *insert silly excuse here*, I made a point to do whatever it was. From going on dates I would have normally turned down, to asking questions I wouldn’t usually ask, to partnering in collaborations I usually would have overlooked - I began to expand past the box I lived in.

The beauty of it is while I have had my revelation, this is only the beginning. I have begun to define myself only as an entrepreneur and thought leader. Because it’s these two concepts that ring true to the essence of my core. Whereas being a “fashion designer” or “author” or “blogger” are just the ways I show up in the world.

I guess in a way it’s fitting that I’ll be participating in the BARE Campaign later this month because what I found was this: in order to work through my life frustrations it was as simple as unraveling everything my ego had defined as “success,” stretching my wings, and showing up completely bare and authentic in every moment.

I began to wake up in the mornings and decide what my day looked like, instead of feeling like I was obligated to specific tasks. I actively invited and left time in my schedule to let magic to happen. I moved my fashion business out of the fashion district. I shifted my focus from my fashion brand that was sucking my time and my energy to developing a book that has the possibility of changing every life it touches. My life began to flow again.

I invite you to consider how your rules about life are holding you back. Because once you’re able to truly look past these arbitrary limitations is where life’s magic lies.

Bri Seeley is an entrepreneurial sensation that is passionate about sharing her story, and the stories of other amazing women. Her training and passion as a fashion designer led her to create a fashion label dedicated to femininity and helping women connect with their true selves. Seeley has paved her path by surrounding herself with inspirational women, which revealed to her a disheartening trend that she is dedicated to change. She recognized how intensely women search outside of themselves for happiness and validation, losing touch with what makes them women and conforming to external pressures of how women should show up in the world. This gap between how women define themselves and how society defines them has created an immense amount of discord and unhappiness. The recognition of this moved Seeley to begin the Inspirational Woman Project movement, which has begun with a series of 100 interviews compiled into a coffee table book.

Connect with Bri: Twitter @BriSeeley and @InspWomanProjct & her Kickstarter Campaign.

Instagram @Iambriseeley and @InspWomanProjct

Facebook: Bri Seeley Designs and The Inspirational Woman Project.

Image: iñaki de luis. Find at Flickr here.

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