My Portals to Bliss

Date: April 30, 2015

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~by Marijana Cabrita

These days my books are one of my major portals to bliss. I feel driven to learn new ideas that awaken my truths and that bring me alive. Often times I feel like there is not enough time in the day for how much I want to know and learn. I have a pile of books by my bedside that I notice every time I walk into my bedroom, every time I lay down on my bed and every time I wake up in the morning. These books represent a vortex of possibilities for me. They represent freedom, birth of new ideas, creativity, and possibility.

Today my books are a sacred reflector for where I’m at mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Today I stare at my books fully conscious that approaching them and sitting with them and letting new information in is actually a reflection of whether I am inviting bliss or pushing it away.

You see, I am on a journey to find bliss! And I’m so happy to tell you that I have many blissful moments in my life since I discovered one simple secret.

One day all it took was asking myself what are the things that make me thrive?

In an interview that Bill Moyers does with one of my all time favorite spiritual teachers, Joseph Cambell he asks him,
“How do we find our bliss?”

Joseph responds that, “one way is to sit in a room and read and read and read…and really tap into the wisdom that inspires you. And don’t read the popular stuff. Read what your heart feels called to read. And then read what that author read that inspired him or her. And then read what that author read and follow that thread throughout. That soaking ourselves into this wisdom can bring us closer to our bliss.”

Reading books by my favourite authors like Thich Nhat Hanh, Dr, Shefali Tsabary, Tara Brach, Danielle Laporte and Jon Kabat-Zinn is definitely a major thing in my life today that I ‘do’ that makes me thrive.

There are other sacred experiences that I engage in to feed my soul that I could not live without today that also do this for me, like meditating, being with the ocean and hiking.

I have a graphic of my 5 core desired feelings on my wall to remind me daily of how I want to feel (thanks to Danielle Laporte’s Desire Mapping). The process of discovering these feelings was so incredible that I will have to share the process with all of you one day. These are my core desired feelings that I consciously choose every single day: Luminous, Sacred Truth, Expansive, Presence, Free. This is Soul Love for me.

So, whether it is reading or meditating or hiking. The result of doing any of these things is bringing alive within me a connection to something greater. This bliss is more than just a happy feeling you get when you like something. Joseph Campbell defines it as “The welling up of divine energy within us. When we feel most radiantly alive, that’s when we are most connected to Source.” Abraham Hick’s similarly talks about this in his explanation of our emotional guidance system, asserting that our highest expression is Joy.

I know I am in bliss and joy when I am connected to my sacred essence. This belongs within me and also resides outside of me. With reading, I’ve discovered that there are ideas out there that align with a higher conscious awareness that light me up. When I meditate and when I hike I am always lit up because I am connecting to myself here as well. The more I do the things that light me up the more my relationships are lit up. The more present I am. The more love I have to give.

What are the things that make you feel most alive?? When do you feel most blissful?

~ Marijana Cabrita is a psychotherapist, mentor, workshop facilitator and lover of this sacred life. Marijana’s passion is in bridging the science of psychology with the power of spirituality. She is committed to helping women awaken to their true sacred essence and embody love.


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