Where Women Go to Support Each other In Achieving Greatness

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Ignition Circles revolutionize the way women are supported and connected in achieving personal and professional goals. The idea is to create a ‘dream team’ (Ignition Circle) among a select group to accomplish major personal and professional objectives with the emotional support, intellectual firepower, and major resources of a collective.

As a team, we can get further faster by giving each other feedback, supporting each other, and holding each other accountable to progress. The goal is to become a group whose deeply committed to not let each other fail.

The network is comprised of circles of 6 or less who meet regularly online and in-person to set aggressive, actionable goals and banish those crippling behaviors and beliefs that we all struggle with as women. Each week we work individually and as a group to identify roadblocks or barriers that keep us from fulfilling on what we set out to accomplish.

Each participant receives The Ignition Kit, as well as a weekly PlayBook which a step by step guide to creating powerful, accountable, and meaningful relationships with other women. As women we commit to supporting each other with the struggles, the successes and everything in between. This is a holistic and practical and feminine approach to producing measurable results in the areas that truly matter to you.

WE guides women step by step in creating trusting, authentic, and accessible relationships with other women leaders. As women we desire connection and community but often times get stuck going it alone, and not knowing who we can reach out to discuss what matters to us without sacrificing a professional relationship or hearing the same response from a girlfriend or someone we feel just doesn’t get it.

Ignition Circles are the ground-breaking premise for empowering the next generation of women leaders.

Ericka Rodriquez

Founder RawinNewYork.com and Alchemy Organic Lipstick

“I joined the Ignition Circle in Bali, Indonesia in 2014 and being a part of it took my business further than I could have ever gone on my own in 4 weeks. The reason for this is simple. Ignition Circle combines aspects of personal development, mindset coaching (spiritual and mental), a supportive community, and truly powerful business & life coaching. The Ignition Circle also helped me understand time management and goal setting as well as the habits, patterns and choices that impact my everyday life and business environment.

Michelle is a true leader and made the community feel driven and in charge of their own goals. She knew where people needed help, but also gave us the skills to ask for the help we needed. She is talented in many aspects of business—especially marketing and branding. If she does not have the tools to help you, she will find someone that can. Her leadership is intuitive and deeply ingrained in who she is. She made me feel powerful in my own self and helped me to become a better person, both personally and in the business world. Her enthusiasm and excitement for seeing other people succeed is beautiful. Truly, helping other people realize their dreams is what she lives for.

I am so honored I was able to be a part of Ignition Circle, not only because it guided me to launch my business but also because of the fulfillment I now have in my personal life. I believe the person I am today can be attributed to working with Michelle Fetsch.”

Kelly Quinn

“Never before have I turned around a program so quickly with so much fun. This girl is a bundle of love, a joy to work with and redefined my expectations of JV’s  forever more. In a heartbeat I would work with Michelle again and again. We pulled all-nighters, brain dumped and heart bumped in a tiny amount of time to deliver a life changing experience in Bali! Professionally and as a friend, this girl rocks!”



As the feminine confidante, Michelle supports women in claiming all parts of themselves so they can access and contribute in the way they really long to.

A teen runaway at 15, turned corporate America girl at age 19, and later founder of the first and annually largest TEDxWomen event on the planet- her superpower is believing in, standing for and creating space for all women to rise.

She combines her superpowers of believing and achieving in a way that gives women permission to take on their dreams. Her intuitive expertise in branding combined with her relentless promotion skills support women in having successful, supported and celebrated launches.

Whether you are ready to claim all parts of yourself- take action on that deep desire to bring your expertise to the world in a new way or a combination of both — she’s definitely the woman to stand beside you.

1. One Session: 1 on 1 Coaching — $200 for 90 Minute Skype Session

2. 12 Sessions: 1 on 1 Coaching — 3 Months

(1- 1 Hour Session Per Week for 1 Hour)

$1500 if paid in full

$1800 in total — At $600 per month


Teach Her to Love Herself is a 7 week virtual program for Mothers of Daughters. WE guides women along the developmental stages of what it means to be a girl while simultaneously helping women to identify their own barriers to full self love, acceptance and freedom. Women explore and gain awareness to their own wounds and unlock the healing and tools that support them in being stronger, healthier examples to their daughters.

Each week we meet online — (Google hangout and or conference call) in a safe, supportive and honest forum- We address questions, breakdowns, celebrate breakthroughs and share our wisdom. We explore and discover what else is possible for our relationships to not just our daughters, but to ourselves and our own mothers.

When we realize that the next generation is born from who we are — we can empower ourselves to make healthy, new choices for who we are being.

“The capacity to self-nurture starts with our relationships with our parents, in our role as daughters.” — Alice D. Domar, Director of Mind/Body Center for Women’s Health