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Date: May 3, 2015

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My husband and I walk into a restaurant yesterday in beautiful downtown Asheville. As we approach our table, I notice a strong, fun, bonded group of women, collaborating and celebrating at the corner table next to us.

Their energy feels familiar to me. As I feel into them, I find myself smiling inside and out as I absorb this happy sight.

A download of my ‘woman tribe connections’ all around the world flashes across my awareness, and I give thanks for having these as pillars of support and love in my life. I pray for more of this…for all of us.

Sigh. Huge sigh of deep inner contentment moves through my whole body. Yes. Yes. Yes.

I re-focus my attention to my lovely husband immersed in our own sweet bubble of romance and yet we can’t help but be contagiously moved by what is happening right next to us between these 5 radiant women- waves of emotion, from deep concern and vulnerability to brainstorming a next possible career move to bursts of orgasmic laughter to silly and playful comments to moments of quiet space holding to pauses of deep breath and releasing- we allowed our romantic bubble to float on all the waves of this dynamic, womanly raw conversation, grinning with each other on this irresistible ride.

It was as if my heart was being swept into something divinely beautiful and divinely timed. A reminder that this kind of thing, this dream of mine of women collaborating like queens at the round table, feasting on our lives as a tribe, is happening- we are waking up to the necessity of it in our lives. This little girl’s dream is becoming more and more real in her life, in our lives!  And divinely timed indeed, within these big waves of these women’s I was riding, one very clear sentence made it into my ears and heart:

Stated by one of the women with a tone of disappointment, ‘I mean, I used to think I was going to change the world.’ (With sigh, head down)

Another woman’s response:
‘You are changing the world by being a good person, being dedicated to your family and your work.”
‘Yahoo’, I thought, ‘this life-affirming, loving, supportive, now hold on a second soul-sister you are already enough response is what I’m talking about. This is good stuff!’ Booyah!!!

And truly, and I was living proof in the moment, this woman was changing the world by simply being who she is- vulnerable, weak in a moment self, willing to share and open up to other women. She provided the opportunity for real connection, love and support at the table.

By each woman being who they already are at that little round table in the corner they re-lit a flame in me- we can change the world by keeping it simple and being good people on earth, and we already are doing it, in our little, yet massive ways- so, my dreams of being a mid-wife in Africa, launching a yoga teacher training program in impoverished communities world-wide, writing a manual for college students on how to live a radiant life and writing a book for all beings to live to their fullest potential, are still in my heart, and yet, right now is not the time for them, possibly parts and or some new formulation of them that I have yet to imagine, who knows?

Not me, and I don’t need to right now. You see, this doesn’t mean these things won’t happen someday, and it also doesn’t mean they won’t happen sooner than I ever could have imagined with a miraculous sense of ease. Right now, all that matters, is that I embrace myself and all women as enough already, and then we go and grow from there. And, this, this my sisters, is what is beyond amazing. This, dear queens at the round table, is what we are capable of, this is how we are changing the world.

We can choose to let our wildest dreams on how we want to change the world remain in our hearts and stoke our inner fire of passion and compassion for where we are right now in our lives and what we are doing on this very day, in my very own kitchen with the people I have chosen to be committed to, that need me now, and that I need too, or we can choose to see them as things we failed at, haven’t gotten to yet, are never gonna get to, blah blah blah- all ultimately self-sabatoging, unloving, degrading thoughts that for sure are not gonna fuel us in the life we are in right now in anyway at all.

I also have a choice to not beat myself up for not ‘succeeding’ at these, at least not yet; I have a choice to harness the energy that could have, would have, should have and pull it in with self-love and acceptance and reward myself for how I already have and am changing the world, starting with letting these women inspire me just by being who they already are. And then I take that spark and I write about it in this blog that I hope is read by thousands and sparks a reminder within their hearts to celebrate what we are already doing, rather than focusing on what we are not.

So, as I see it, it is time to buck up ladies, just as one woman did to another at the round table, and celebrate each other for who and what we already are- queens walking on earth, changing the world, one breath at a time, loving ourselves and each other exactly as we are right now. This is the beginning of an evolution for women- so, who’s in, who’s ready to join in on an evolution of already changing the world just by simply being you and loving yourself for how you already have and are changing the world?!?!!?!? Please, pretty please, say yes, because we all matter. 


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