The Rise of the Woo-Woo Entrepreneur

Date: May 14, 2015

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Woo-woo, it’s one of those terms that spiritualists can use with one another with humour and tenderness and not take any offense because hey, one love—right?

Well, woo is on the rise. It is sweeping the globe. It’s sweeping the web anyway.


The planet is going through a paradigm shift and enlightenment is no longer perceived as unattainable or a phenomenon only to be experienced by Guru’s.


Maybe the sheer availability of wisdom being shared via the web is largely to thank for allowing us to immerse ourselves into the spiritual teachings at the heart of this planet. Ironic?


Spirituality, in my perspective is both a solo and relational experience. It is a tuning-in, which allows us to connect between. Or vice versa.

Conscious awareness, moments of inner peace, connection to something greater heeds us to connect to both. To bring union to the fragmented experience of human existence we need to integrate our individual journey with the essence of humanity, which is connectedness.


A collective consciousness is growing and inviting us to warrior our way to inner peace. Maybe part of this spiritual war is happening on Facebook.


I could probably consider myself bordering on becoming a Facebook junkie. Well, just for work. Who am I kidding, in my line of work of serving I find myself getting spiritually vulnerable regularly on social media these days-within clear limits, because lets be real, boundaries are a critical social skill in life in general let alone the open web.


I fell in love recently with the opportunity Facebook gave me to connect with like-minded spiritual seekers who were making it they’re plight to bring Zen into people’s homes through the web. It is here, where I see that we are working hard as spiritual entrepreneurs in our dreams, passions and careers to serve mankind and strive for nirvana while we’re at it.

My career dreams overlap with my life dreams and part of that is a merging of my body, mind and spirit. My dreams of healing and mentoring women to find peace and love align with my own journey for peace and love.

These dreams are loaded with many mini dreams each day that involve activities such as reading, taking the time for self care/sacred/spiritual rituals from lighting a candle and meditating, making a morning smoothie to nourish my body, to sitting with a cup of hot tea. When I can make my mini dreams come true regularly I am on path with expanding my heart and soul.

Someone else’s dream may have nothing to do with a woo-woo purpose. They’re dream may be to buy that reliable car or live in an apartment that is spacious, taking a job that brings in a decent income that they don’t hate.

Both of us are dreaming. Big.

Here’s how Mark Nepo describes this deep yearning that we all have to dream:
“Dreams are the kindling for our awakening…the purpose of those goals and dreams is to exercise the heart to inhabit its aliveness…Often times our dreams don’t come true but by working toward them we come true. And that is more important…It’s all, true. And we can gather meaning as we all listen…When we are awakened, our souls’ only interest is to be as alive as possible. So our most primal calling inwardly is to follow the call of aliveness. And because we’re changing all the time, it changes.”

We come true as we follow our inner most calling. So your calling, my calling, his calling and her calling all look different. But at the end of the day, the awakening each one of us is striving toward is in those moments of aliveness that we experience when we heed the path of our calling. And most times, from what I am learning about myself as an entrepreneur of the spirit, soul and truth… many of those moments of aliveness surface because I commit to making brave and bold choices. Choices that may seem ‘woo woo’ to you but bring me home to my true essence.

My true essence is deep and vast. It is not so black and white where dark and light constantly compete. My true essence is an ebb and flow of energy that is always headed in the same direction: toward life; toward freedom; toward love and toward joy. Always, life-affirming.


It is my job as the director of my own ship to take radical responsibility for the care of my true essence. To be conscious of the barriers I place to my freedom and step out of my own way. It is a constant balancing act of awareness and non-doing. Just being. Not passive being. Being actively engaged with life as it is and being guided by my true essence.


I see countless spiritual entrepreneurs rising and shining their unique light onto the world. They are expressing their woo-woo and it takes loads of courage.


Engaging in the woo-woo everyday is not always an easy task. Just as any effort to growth can be met with resistance. The woo-woo can present the exact same challenge. I work hard to be mindful and connect to my inner guru. I am fiercely committed because I have tasted the freedom that comes from being connected to the present moment and to this sacred universe. Just as Mark Nepo suggests, it is in this aliveness that I find myself. It is in this aliveness that I feel connected to my heart and soul and the heart and souls of my little ones and the rest of the world.

To all of us woo-woo entrepreneurs who are committed to shining in our truth and serving the world-one love. To everyone else, whether you engage in woo or not- the thirst for the dream is a spiritual path we all walk in our own way. One love.

~ Marijana Cabrita is a psychotherapist, mentor, workshop facilitator and lover of this sacred life. Marijana’s passion is in bridging the science of psychology with the power of spirituality. She is committed to helping women awaken to their true sacred essence and embody love.


  • Lisa | High Priestess of the Woo says:

    Hi Marijana - super article and so true! I run around in woo-preneurial circles so I see a lot of this and I am so glad that more women are coming out of the closet (as it were) with their intuitive skills and deep soul work. I share this with my Facebook audience. Thank you for posting this! ~ Lisa

    • Marijana Cabrita says:

      Thank you kindly for your comments and for sharing the post Lisa! I love how you put that, “coming out of the (woo) closet”. It’s such a soul-affirming path! Much gratitude <3

  • Karin says:

    Yes yes yes! Thanks for sharing!

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