Photos by Anastasia Kuba.

About BARE

The BARE campaign was founded in 2011 by Michelle Fetsch, a 29 year-old woman who recovered from a 17 year struggle with eating disorders, body image, and self esteem issues.

BARE is an invitation to the world to allow all women to be seen, heard and free. We are honored to have the support of Super Model Carre Otis, well as other media personalities, models and activists.

The BARE campaign exists to empower women in having a healthy body image and self-esteem; to bridge the gap between perception and reality so women stop comparing and start supporting each other. Please read the courageous stories of some of the extraordinary women who have already dared to GO BARE.


“The BARE experience was certainly a turning point in my new identity after cancer. I had always felt like my body was strong and responsive to me, naturally. I was proud of my body – muscular and strong. Then Cancer came into my life and I felt so out of control with my body. Going BARE was more than revealing my current physical body, it was about revealing me without clothes to hide behind.” — Sharianne, Age 51

What We’re Up To

The goal of BARE Campaign is to provide realistic images of women in their authenticity and true power in the media. In empowering women we directly impact and affect the lives of the next generation; healthy women raise healthy children.

The Bare campaign launched publicly in May, 2014 and since has had over 1/2 million views and has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Shape, Huffington Post and other global media outlets for women. While it’s just the beginning, WE is committed to forwarding this message and women all over the globe are responding courageously by going bare and sharing their stories.

Alongside the BARE Campaign, Women Enough, (WE) plans to roll out a series of other campaigns to empower women and girls.  “MY DREAM for the Next Generation” has hundreds of women and girls sharing their dreams and together, #WE are creating a new reality in media.

WE Believe a Woman’s Worth Goes Far Beyond Her Beauty

WE have gathered hundreds of women, between the ages of 23 – 80, of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities and ages — together in community to share their stories — from their darkest times to their most proud moments. They are photographed in their true essence, completely BARE. By exposing themselves in such a confronting, vulnerable yet safe way — these women find freedom from the constraints that have held them from feeling enough.


“So liberating and so outside my comfort zone.” — Christine, Ontario

“I felt more safe in this group of women than I ever had before, and I’ve been in some wonderful groups of women.” — Bonnie, Age 61

Michelle’s Inspiration

A long-time lover of fashion, Michelle once dreamed of being a fashion designer or stylist. But there was one major problem: While she loved fashion and wanted to make it to the “big time,” she became increasingly aware of a disparity in advertising and media: It portrayed and perpetuated an industry that celebrated disease.

That’s when her vision shifted. For the last four years, Michelle’s dream has been to disrupt media and support women in healthy body image and positive self-esteem. She believes that women long to see a broader representation of women in the media and thinks it’s high time the rest of the world saw that too.

“The idea of creating Women Enough was in the summer of 2010 after realizing I was ruled by my own dark conversation of not feeling enough. After a 17-year struggle with eating disorders, body image and self-esteem issues — I was fed up and I declared my commitment to supporting women in owning their worth, far beyond their beauty.”